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I have a question about Beyond Hello

There are a couple of shops that I would like to do but it says that my rating must be an 8.. I have never shop with them before and I would like to. Theses are self assign shops.

Am I able to sign up for theses shops or do I need to contact the scheduler to see what he/she says.

Thanks smiling smiley

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I would sign up for their shops. Tell the scheduler that you don't have a rating with them yet. Do you have a rate with other MSCs? What type of shop is it? Most of their shops I won't do, pay is poor.
On this one, it won't let you sign up if your rating isn't high enough. You get a message saying you can't apply because your rating isn't high enough and to contact the scheduler. Sure, easy enough. Except, oh, wait, there's no scheduler listed. I gave up. If it's this much work and is this disorganized just to apply for the job, I can imagine what the guidelines look like.

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Shopper in California's Bay Area

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I had the same problem. None of the shops in my area would let me shop them. Finally, one popped up that required a 5 rating and I jumped on it. Now I have a 10 rating and can do the others. I would recommend just continuing to check and wait for something to come up.
I agree with Violingirl2012. Sometimes, we have to pay our dues to prove ourselves.

On the other hand, it would not hurt to email the scheduler, expressing interest. Compose an email, showcasing your writing ability.
I kept on receiving emails from a scheduler so I replied that I was interested. No reply but another email and then more. So I asked her to stop sending me emails. She said she discovered that I had never done any shops for them and the minimum rating was 5. She said she would change it to 8 so I could get the shops. Now I have an average of 10.

OP, I suggest that you contact the scheduler. Even if you have not done any shop for them, chances are the schedulers network and you might get the shop.
I actually emailed their helpdesk and asked if it they would consider me as i was a brand new shopper. The person who answered me put me in touch with a scheduler who was very nice and told me that she was always looking for good shoppers and that she was willing to give me a chance. Of course she assigned me the one shop that was the furthest away from my metro area (probably because that one is harder to fill). I performed the shop and got my foot in the door.
Be careful with this company. I have done shops for them for years and recently they have become very hard to deal with. I had transportation trouble so I emailed a day before a shop and asked if I could reschedule it for the very next day. I got an email back saying the shop was cancelled and that was fine with me because it was far and low pay. But then I look in my shop log and they have given me a CITATION just for cancelling. My rating is still good but it really pisses me off that I now have more than one of these. I am not a FLAKE. I work for dozens of companies and have good ratings with all of them. It is almost like they love to dole out these punishments. I don't take shops with them anymore unless i am absolutely positive i can do it, so newbies take note.
I applied for a fast food shop for last week with them and it's still pending. SO IRRITATING. No scheduler listed. Someone on this forum sent me an email address of someone who has always helped them, so I tried it a week ago, and still haven't received a response. Very irritated with this company. The first two shops I did with them went smoothly but I had not needed to contact anyone. I've also read on here that it's hard to reach them by phone but I haven't tried.
How do you get to their helpdesk or how did you find the scheduler for the particular job you were wanting to shop? I see one that I would like to complete tonight, but I can't seem to find the scheduler so I can ask if I can get in their system being as I have never shopped for this MSC before.
Looking at their job board, then clicking on "more info", sometimes at the end of Shop Comments, a scheduler's name is listed. No email address, but if you search your email high and low, you may find the scheduler's last name, and be able to discern an email address. Whether that effort is worth it, depends on the assignment and the shopper.

I agree that contact info is essential to shoppers and is lacking on their site. Since the merger of the three MSCs, specific contact info is lacking.

But, I so appreciated the last report I did for them. No frame after frame, next, next, next. Guidelines, terms, and report was all on one page. Very nice.
I did two shops for them and the reports were very easy. The only bad part is that they didn't e-mail me my score. I had to log into my page a couple of days later.. That was quite OK!!! I made a 10/10 on both shops smiling smiley

I did not have any problems with this shop.
Contact the schedulers directly, offer your services along with a mini MS resume of what you have done. Offer a writing sample. Self assign is just that, but you can get a scheduler to assign you if you go about it correctly. A rate of 8 just means you have completed shops on time and in full. Self assign is great because you can book stuff while on the road in an area you're in or going to be in. But you can contact schedulers and introduce yourself and attempt to build rapport with them. If you do not hear back from them on that project keep trying on all future projects. I have had ignored emails and then one day they respond and need my help to get it done, or they are tired of the same shoppers applying and would like to give a newbie a chance. Once you've established your worth then you have work you can count on when your rotation comes around. Don't give up, keep trying and they will eventually respond if your going about it professionally.
I think of MS as applying for a job. They want people with experience and I understand that but how can you get experience if they don't give you an chance?

But others have said,once you you establish you self with different companies then they will give you a chance smiling smiley

Good luck smiling smiley
Update - I got ahold of the scheduler and was allowed to complete the shop I was looking for. I reached out to the helpdesk first, then I called the main number and entered a random name into the directory. Once I got to a live voice, I asked who the scheduler would be for the particular shop I was interested in, and the person gave me the name. I emailed the scheduler direct and was assigned the shop within an hour. Thank you for the helpful tips everyone!
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