Grocery Store Shops

Looks like Marketforce may be losing one of it's grocery shops. There was an article in the paper about one of the stores filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy. I had 3 shops scheduled over the next two weeks.

Yesterday, I got emails telling me these shops have been cancelled.

The email also stated that since MF was cancelling, the cancellation won't be held against us. Duh

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Perhaps they are cancelling for the moment, but this is the second time that chain has filed Chapter 11 in five years. They may well be back still once again.
All indications are that the chain is going to be sold off piece-wise. There are other chains bidding for specific locations. Even with "recent" acquisitions, they are have declined from being the #1 grocery chain in the country with 4,000 stores in 1936 to a small regional presence of 296 recently. In the last week, they have already sold 76 stores to Acme, another 25 stores to Shop & Shop, and closed 25 more. They have announced in the bankruptcy filing that they are selling all of the stores or closing them, and they are well along that path already. Rebranding of some of the stores in the Philadelphia area has already begun.

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And I suspect that a lot of the posturing here is to rid themselves of their union as well as of their pension obligations. So it may well be that the Federal government under the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. will be paying their pensions along with those of former employees of airlines and other businesses that went bankrupt.
They just cancelled one of my shops too last week, but it wasn't a grocery shop. I had already done 2 in other towns, Here's part of the email I received..." Unfortunately, we have canceled your current assigned shop as a shop at this location is no longer required. Please DO NOT complete the assignment as it has been removed from your Shopper website. Because this cancellation is at our request, your Shopper account will not be impacted by the cancellation." I was bummed, it was the easiest shop I have ever done and this one was the closest to my home.
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