Beyond Hello - live and learn

Well, I guess I'll join the voices of folks unhappy with Beyond Hello. I've done several shops for them without incident. In June, I did three of their phone shops. These paid a whopping $3 each. One of the things that amazes me is how the little dollar shops often involve more time and effort than higher paying ones. That's not my issue, though. One of the shops in this set of three that were all focused on car dealerships never made sense to me. I checked out the website and inventory and it just did not match up with the vehicle that was supposed to be inquired about. I emailed and the response back was to use what was in the guidelines. Okay. I did the first two shops, no problem. A couple of days later, an email went out with a generic headline to all shoppers doing these shops and said there was a mistake in the guidelines and to go with the blah blah vehicle. Okay, but it still did not make sense, but that is what they said to do, so that is what I did. I was paid promptly for the first two shops for which I had 10/10 ratings and then I noticed I was not paid for the third. I emailed the scheduler and was told I inquired about the wrong vehicle. I replied back and sent her the emails. Now, I may have goofed up by sending my original request using the wrong confirmation (but still, considering my comments that were specific to the dealership and inventory, you would have thought the person in charge would have questioned it); however, that other email that came afterward overrode everything else. I wrote back and said just that. Ignore my email and just go with that other overriding email: that said it all. I haven't heard anything back yet and don't know if I will, but for $3, I am not going to fret it. I'm just not going to work for them any more. If a company doesn't even bother to look at the shopper and their record and then at least ask what happened and opts to just zero it out, then that's not much of a company, at least not in my book.

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Hi Orrymain,

Beyond Hello used to be one of my favorite companies to complete assignments for; until they were acquired by Mystery Researchers. Beyond Hello seems to have picked up on Mystery Researchers bad habits of being unresponsive on payment issues.

I hope you have chalked this up to a learning experience. Certain companies respect shoppers more than others. Some MSC's figure they have several hundred thousand shoppers and they are a dime a dozen.

I know at Integrity Consultants, we respect all of our shoppers and we respond to them as quickly as possible.

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Not scheduling for ANY company.
I agree on the respect angle. That is what it comes down to on something like this. It's very frustrating. Re: Integrity, they don't seem to have jobs in my part of the world so can't comment on them, but I do know that several of the companies I do shops for do have that integrity, so I'll focus on them from now on.. :}
I just started with Beyond Hello because they picked up one of my favorite restaurants from another company. Did the first shop for that restaurant and got a 10. Now the second shop was an in-person well paid negotiation at an auto dealer. Finished it today, not as much work as I expected (though go figure if the dealer believed my story) and the report very easy to fill out. I guess I would just complain at this point about the time it takes to pay but we'll see how it goes for me...

Orry, hope they will pay you for your other shop. Car shops are not easy and I hate dealing with car salespeople, and even worse dealing with their managers. But considering my dad was once a car dealer manager I know some of the tricks of the business to do a decent shop.

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Just to update -- the scheduler realized there was a problem and they are now paying me for the shop. I feel relieved because a) I do like the company b) I've enjoyed the shops I've done for them and c) what happened really was not of my making. We'll chalk this up to just one of those things that happens in the industry from time to time.
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