Beyond Hello slow to review?

Has anyone else seen a slow down in Beyond Hello reviewing reports? I have a report that I submitted on 08/05 that still hasn't beeen changed to Received or graded. 08/05 was the due date and end of the range for the assignment as well. In the last, most of my reports were scored in about three days or less.

Has anyone else been experiencing this?

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It took a little over a week for them to review my last casual dining shop also done on the 5th. I imagine the delay was because the review wasn't good, the company wanted to go over the instant replay tape. However, when the review came in I got a 10 on the report. One strange thing, the email saying the shop was approved ended up in my spam folder. The shop offers always go to my inbox.

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I just did my first shop with this MSC a few days before 8/5... when it had been over a week with the shop still in "Completed" status (Not reviewed, no grade... still "completed"winking smiley, I sent a note to the scheduler saying "Hi there, just wanted to check on this shop I've submitted since this my first report with your company. I've been monitoring my email for the last week in case there were any questions about the report, but haven't heard anything. What's the usual turn around time on reports? Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification"

The nice response came back after a couple of days from the scheduler saying that the August rush was in full effect and the reviewers were way behind but that it should be completed in the next week. I got the review update about 2 days or so after that... so approximately 10 days after reporting. I liked the shop and will probably try another with them to see if the delay really was just a fluke.

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