ALERT: Fraudulent Emails Using the Mystery Researchers Company Name

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I got the same warning email today but definitely none of the fraudulent ones. Sounds like we would spot those a mile off.

"The future ain't what it used to be." --Yogi Berra
Sounds like we could spot those a mile off, because we know how that game works. Unfortunately, it seems not everyone can avoid falling for them. sad smiley

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Sad as it is, over the years we have had many folks pop on here because they have received their check and are now ready to explore this lucrative career. Sometimes we have caught them before they wired off 'the excess money after withholding your fee' and sometimes it was too late. We even had one woman argue that it was completely legitimate because her bank told her the check was good and she deposited it. Of course when it arrived at Bare or Market Force or wherever the check was most likely rejected and run back down through the system. We never heard further from that 'shopper'.
Regarding comment: "We're always going to have content in the body of the email! This is the biggest tip off that an email is fraudulent - it has little or no actual content."

This is because the scammers write: "Go to your Wal-mart of your choice, any time and buy $50 worth of things and just ask a few questions of the attendant." The truth is we have very specific guidelines, pages long in many cases, exact time frames to shop the store, and we NEVER get to pick what store we are going to. We go to the exact location and department specified. Dead giveaway of a scammer when there are no strong specifics in your assignment AND $200 an assignment is extremely RARE except for video shops or investment shops.
But if you aren't already a shopper you wouldn't know that you don't get to pick your time, your store and what you are evaluating or must buy. So yes, these are dead giveaways for us but not necessarily for the general public.
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