Albatross - What does the job entail?

I recently signed up with Albatross. When I go to their website to look for jobs I only see vague titles describing jobs and the pay rate.... but no details about what the job entails. Also, I try to filter jobs out to be in my surrounding area (using a radius and zip code), but the list shows jobs from all over the globe. Any suggestions? I'm stumped!

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Which job are you talking about? They seem to only have jewelry shops in my area, and even then it's about two or three times a year.
I'm curious about their jobs too. I'd like to work with them, but don't want to end up in a crazy reporting situation.
I have only done one of their jobs, but you won't get the guidelines until you are assigned. I have the same problem with a couple MSCs that use the same software I get jobs from all over the world, the filter button doesn't work very well! Sometimes it works for me sometimes not, after you get the entire list, try typing in your State in the area.
I have done a few assignments for Albatross but have only accepted when bonused as the lack of guidelines upfront always made me nervous. That said, all of the reports I've done for them have had very reasonable reporting requirements and I felt afterwards that each of the assignments I did probably would have been worthwhile at the base fee.
I have the same issue. I was advised to type the state in the state box in addition to my zip. They told me that some of the foreign addresses have numbers in them that might equal my zip code. Dubai and Hong Kong seem to have my zip code in their countries.
I again wrote the scheduler yesterday about a shop that just said EMR, 75 questions and the fee. She wrote back and told me what EMR is and said she would ask the posting people to make sure and add descriptions of the jobs to each posting so hopefully that will happen soon. I too have been reluctant to apply for any of these totally unknown shops for my first shop with them. So if all of us send an email to a scheduler or the general mailbox perhaps they will change this so we can tell what the shops are.
I have the same problems with their search function, I looked at an email they sent me with open shops and say the code they use for my city and try to search that way.

I did my first shop for them a few weeks ago. I did a straight-forward "consultation" shop as they called it, no purchase required I just had to focus on a specific purse. I would say the report was very detailed (60-70 questions) but not outrageous. A bunch of the questions I could answer "N/A" since they were specific to they type of shop, in my case I could enter "N/A" for all the shoe related questions.
Some are purchase scenarios. Some purchase/return, Some are just observation.
Minimal comments required.
Their web site is funky and does not always update about status after competing the shop.
I have shops that were paid more than a year ago that still show "pending editing"
They pay in abut 3-4 weeks.
Albatross is one of the best companies I've ever worked with. Their schedulers are very easy to work with, they offer great pay for the level of work required.

When you've done a few shops with them, you get used to the reports. They can be lengthy at first, but then they're usually very easy to comment on. The more you do them, the easier it'll become. They really want to evaluate the service step-by-step : greeting, discovering the needs, objection, etc.

I find that their pay is right where it should be for the level of work involved. At first they took a couple of weeks to pay, but now that i've been shopping with them regularly, I get paid within a week.

I strongly encourage anyone to start shopping with them, they're really good!
I signed up with them but every time I get a notice of shops I see that they think places like South America, China and the Middle East are within 70 miles from me.

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