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Trendsource has a shop for a drink machine vendor in a factory. It says mobile check in, does that mean you need a smart phone? I have a cheap cell phone, for now. The shop is in a place with gates, the public is not admitted, but this is a reveal shop. I have already emailed them with questions about other shops but, thought I would see if anyone has done a similar shop.

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I don't know if I have ever seen a shop for Trendsource that absolutely requires mobile check in, but I haven't done a ton of shops for them. You do need a smartphone and their mobile app to do a mobile check in. On most of the assignments I have done for them I don't use it anyway. When I have the option to check in or get reimbursed for a small purchase, to prove I was there, why not get reimbursed for something small instead of nothing for mobile check in? Check your requirements, but I doubt it is mandatory. I have done a few business inspections, where there is no receipt. I can check in with the app, but opt to just input the start and end times manually with the report. I guess I am just paranoid that I will check in and forget to check out until hours later and miles away, which would make it pointless.

Some might argue I usually check out and forget to check back in!


Could I have a receipt please?

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They have some small paying shops on routes I am trying to stick with in my area, but the days and locations have not lined up with any other shops I am doing.
From what I see, the mobile check in is still optional. Not everyone has (or wants) an iPhone or Droid. I asked Trend Source if they have an app for BlackBerry and they said no. I still have to prove some other way that I was at the site.

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I am a fairly new shopper, two months now. I still have a land line, and I am not very good with touch screens. I carry a cheap cell phone with me, but for now I am not going to buy a lot of equipment to do shops. This Trendsource shop required pictures anyhow, plus it was a reveal shop. I have a small digital camera that takes good pictures, it might be awkward if a shop is not a reveal shop.
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