Any one with experience with BMA or JANCYN?

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This was one of the first companie I signed up with. I signed up with 15 others too. But, BMA is a peice of work their support staff sucks. I've been waiting over 60 days. Good Luck
Hmmm...I just found this thread and wanted to say that I've done shops for BMA and NEVER had any problems. I'd do work for them again in a heartbeat if they had anything in my area.

I have never worked with Jancyn, so I don't have any personal experience to comment on. However, eveerything I've read from other shoppers has been positive.
I do about 1 or 2 shops for Jancyn a month and have found them to be fast with payment. I have never had problems with them.
I do shops for Jancyn too and the forms are very easy and quick. I find them to be most helpful and they do give bonuses too. They do pay with paypal.
I did one BMA shop in October 2006 and was paid 5 days later. It was my first shop for them, it was a nicely thought out shop and the initial pay of $18 was reasonable (this was not a bonused shop) for expectations. I would like to do more shops for them but never find anything in my area.

I have done shops for Jancyn and the forms are easy and quick. The pay is not stellar, though when they get desperate the fees make them reasonable and they waive the requirement for one shop per day for the client (the client has about a dozen locations in my area and this shop makes most sense for me to make a route of, hitting the dozen locations and then going home to knock out the reports). Mostly, though, they are just "ok". Payment is generally in about a month.
The ladies I have worked with at Jancyn are stellar; and they have a reward shop for those who have worked hard for them that will knock your socks off.
I am signed up with BMA and did one shop. It was easy and good pay.My problen
is how to contact them. I can't find either a phone or e mail address, just
the schedulers name on an e mail.I reply to it, but get no answer.
What company is BMA. Jacyn is awesome. I like the shops and they don't pay a ton, but its not bad. The pay comes pretty quickly. They are a great company to work for.
I have done shoppes for both Jancyn and BMA. BMA is quick paying and easy to work for. Jancyn is great. They pay you 4 - 5 weeks after completion of job. Never had a problem with either.
I just did a google search for BMA, says Best Market Audits and I found it in, maybe they have a contact area?
I just did a shop for Jancyn. I (obviously) haven't been paid yet, but the forms were extremely simple, but long.
I love Jancyn, they pay pretty well for apt shops and pay fast. They are very friendly and helpful!
I have done several shops for both companies and have never spoken with/corresponded with people at either, but Jancyn has very easy forms.
Info good on both, BMA payment shows up in paypal as something like dolan group.
Both pay relatively quickly to quickly in my experience. I have found the instructions straightforward from both.

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Yes, Best Market Audits (BMA), who I believe was acquired by, The Troy Dolan Group. I performed one shop, that paided within a month, decent pay.The report contained clear and easy questions. BMA had a great system for tracking any redundant responses, or inconsistent questions, that were answered. The reporting process went smooth, ending with a conformation no. I had no concerns. Professional company to work for.

No experience with "Jancyn."
Have done work for both. They are legit and pay when they say will. Neither have
even been anything but cooperative.
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