Beyond Hello site issues?

I was just submitting a report and I got an error message. I try to go back to my report and now I can't even get the Beyond Hello site to come up at all. I'm assuming with the new name change there are going to be some computer issues. But I am having such a lousy day it was going to feel good to just be able to check something off my list.

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I find no BH links work. You need to sign in through the new site, when you enter your user name and password, the BH site pops up, re-enter my info again and can get in. Try that.
Thanks. It's so strange I tried your solution using Firefox on my laptop and get from the new site to the BH site login page, I enter my info then I get an error page that says "You are not logged into this Mystery Shop Provider's System" with a log in link that leads me right back to the new site. So then I tried it on my tablet with Chrome as the browser and it works.

Thanks again!
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