Why does Trend-source have such crappy rates for jobs that are moderately time consuming. I don't know why anyone would work for these Jack-wagons.

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They (and all MSCs) pay what they do because they can. Why should they pay more when shoppers accept jobs at the fees that they are paying?

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I like those jackwagons because they pay fast. Lol. They have a bunch of grocery stores in my area. But I agree they are a ton of work for the money. The "front end" grocery ones aren't as bad so I'm going to attempt to avoid the other ones. And they will do distance pay sometimes.
Those grocery shops take at least 45 minutes in the large stores here, and then the report takes about 40. So when I end up working nearly 1 1/2 hours for a measly $14 including the reimbursement I'm over it. In that time I could do two gas stations at base rate and make $20-$22 plus have a couple of gallons of free gas in my tank.
However I do appreciate TrendSource. The schedulers are all very nice, they pay fast and they seem to keep the other shoppers in my area very busy. tongue sticking out smiley
Yeah. I don't really want to do any more grocery shops where you have to visit 17 different departments lol. The front end ones aren't bad though.
As long as people do the shops for the low price they will keep getting a way with paying so little. If I have to leave my home to do a shop, I am not doing it for less then minimum wage. Maybe, people are on their way home from work already and like the deli meat.
I really liked the front end ones as well. However, it doesn't look like they are going to be ongoing.
I only do the competitor grocery shops where there are few departments, if any. They go fast so I'm sure other shoppers have also figured this out.
I like that TS's schedulers are awesome and that they pay quickly. I agree that the grocery reports are too long with too many interactions for the shop fee, but I appreciate that they have a higher reimbursement than other grocery shops I've found. I usually try to group at least 4 of them together in a city/area, so that helps. I was able to do that three weekends in a row this month, and it covered almost all of my grocery/food costs for the month. I think the posters who choose not to take them have good, valid reasons for doing so, and I feel that way about most other low-fee shops. But these are working for me right now and are helping a lot with my resolve to take less restaurant shops and more grocery ones for health reasons. So I guess I'm Team More For Me this round. grinning smiley Not that I would object if the fee went up, LOL.

ETA: Oh yeah, like someone else mentioned, they do usually pay distance/bonus pay when they get right up against the deadline for these.

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Yeah they just so happen to have a lot of shops for the same grocery chain I usually shop at, and I live in a dense urban area so there are several of them within spitting distance.
Shops tend to go fast in my area. If you aren't lucky enough to sign in at the right time for the shop of your choice, you most likely won't get it. I've seen a few stores on the list that are already assigned, but I don't even know the chain and there are none in my immediate neck of the woods. As to gas station shops, y'know, I've never done one. They make me nervous for some reason. I think it's either a) how the heck can you get a picture of the entire place that I seem to read about so often (unless it's expected you go to the competitor across the street, get out of your car, and take a picture that certainly tells the competitor that something is up) and b) the bathroom element where I'm just not sure what I'll find in those places.
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