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Has anyone accepted one of these? I answered the questionnaire and am told I am no eligible and remove it from my list of possible shops. However, they add it back to the list and email me. So I answer the questions again, hoping the guidelines have changed and I will now be eligible. (They made a statement leading me to believe this is possible) But I am not. I have done this at least 10 times now. Frustrating...

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I thought of doing one of the shops at one point and was eligible.
I later filled one out after deciding to consider it again and it told me I was ineligible.
So, yep. Frustrating!
I'm somewhat confounded on how to do them with some of my income coming from "this" without them knowing about it.
Lol...true, I never thought of that. They must know they get shopped so I would suspect it would be easy to figure out!
It could be the way you are answering the quality screening questions. When the questions become eligible again. Read them out loud to yourself, to understand what they are asking you. While you may not be eligible "this" month, if they questions show up next month, it is just the way you might be answering them. This is common on MF questions.smiling smiley
Are you itemizing your deductions? If you answer "no", I know that will allow you to take the shop, as long as you answer all the other questions correctly, based on what they want.

I don't know what will happen if you answer "yes". If I remember this correctly, they do not want returns where you are itemizing deductions, at least for this round.
Wow, really, I just did the questions and that was one of them. Maybe we are looking at two different tax shops.

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You don't need to show your 1099's, and you can use "Small business consulting" as your self-employment job title. Just total your 1099 income and provide the figure to the person doing the taxes. You DO have to provide w-2's for regular jobs, if you've had any. I have never had a tax preparer question "small business consulting", or the total 1099 income figure.
I think the questions change. Like I said, I read a statement on their website regarding different guidelines and different phases for these shops and that I should watch for them.
I've done it three times now and been denied each time. I was wondering if it was because we have w2s from two states.
This sounds possible Liz36. Mystery shops usually seem to want to keep their jobs as simple as possible with no unusual circumstances that could throw off the person you are mystery shopping or cause a delay especially when there is timing involved. Like others have said, after reading the instructions when you take the test you need to read the questions carefully. I have been caught many a time when not noticing a small negative word in a question or something like that which makes my yes answer in my mind a no answer.
I've been wondering about this too. I answered the questions, and I'm pretty sure what disqualified me was answering "yes" to the question about claiming a gain or loss from a business. How can ANY mystery shoper qualify for this? We ALL either have a gain or loss from our mystery shopping business (unless someone happens to break exactly even). Or do they not consider mystery shopping a business? Very confusing. I ended up going with another MSC that doesn't have the same restrictions.
Some people work full time and mystery shop as a hobby. If they don't claim business expenses there would be no loss or gain, just income tax on the full amount.

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In addition to mystery shopping, I do have my own business. It is a very small home fitness business and I don't make very much money. My husband works full time and has extra tax taken out of his check but even so, we won't get a $300 federal refund since I do not pay quarterly.
Yeah, I guess that's possible, LisaSTL. I do work full time and only do this for a little extra income, but there's no way I'm not going to claim mileage. I wonder how many mystery shoppers do this strictly as a "hobby" and pay full taxes? I doubt there are many, but I could be wrong.
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