Anybody here having a lot of trouble with TrendSource saves....?

I just heard something slightly unsettling. Has anybody here uploaded and saved anything onto TrendSource recently, only to have it not save, but revert to the condition in which it was right before the last save? In other words, you might have hit save, and then actually lost a paragraph or more? If this sounds familiar, does this kind of thing happen a lot with TrendSource?

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Hi my name is Terry, yes I have tried over and over again to down load information to Trendsource, but the reply I get is my information is not downloaded.
What sort of information are you not able to download? Although I've been shopping for some time, I just registered with TrendSource a couple of weeks ago. My application was approved and I just got my first shop, so on Tuesday night I added my direct deposit information and uploaded my photo ID. It saved my information with no problems.
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