has anyone heard of imyst. they average 15 tob 20$ a shop. this seemss a little low is that about average for most companies

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Actually that's not a bad fee as long as the report is not too burdensome.

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I've done only a few shops for them as there's not much here. The last shop I did was an easy report. I did the shop Dec. 5 and was paid via PP 12-11 - good pay and super fast payment.
Agree with Mert. I believe there's another thread about the company on here in which I posted. Easy to work with and fast payment. I wish they had more in my area as well but when I can repeat the shop I did, I'll be doing it!
Wow. I have never seen a shop offered here by them. Makes me wish they would have something. :-)

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They offered a number of bar shops in Austin about a year ago, one month one 3-day period, but the dates were out for me and I didn't take any of the shops. I've seen shops posted in Dallas and Houston since then but nothing in Austin. So I have never worked for them. Based on MM's AMAZING reference, I'll watch for shops, sounds like one I want to work for.
The bar shops they are offering a a good deal if you are a fine dining shopper, since most of the outlets are covered by other MSCs and can be paired up to add a little more $$ for dining assignments.
I have worked with them and think their fees are actually good for what you have to do. Plus you don't have those long narrative reports.
They are easy to work for and with, pay promptly, but recently have lost many of their good contracts in this area. For a while, a year ago, I was averaging $200 a month from them.
There suddenly seem to be more shops in my area (or perhaps, just made available to me). They're of the compliance variety, which honestly scare me. I don't see how it's possible to do these shops as a "mystery" shopper.
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