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Did a (lube shop) with $5 shop fee and $70 reimbursement. They showed received, 7 score and then only stated $5 for the shop fee and didn't post $70 for the reimbursement. Is there a reason for this or does any one know?

(Mod note: Linking an MSC with its clientele is a breach of Forum rules and probably also a violation of your ICA with that MSC)

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You should write and find out. Try this email: She'll actually answer and help you get to the bottom of it.

I have been doing those shops for years, but last month got an online coupon for Meineke for $14.99. That's about the same amount I was going over the reimbursement. Meineke did a great job and no report or waiting months for reimbursement. The only difference is that they don't vacuum, do the windows, or have top-off (which I almost never use, anyway). I don't think I'll be doing the (lube shop) again unless it has a huge bonus attached.

Now scheduling travel shops for the day after Christmas through mid-January.
Any update on this? As a long time SS shopper with no complaints about them, I am very curious as to the outcome.
Yes, I did get a hold of them and they said it was an over sight. They would take care of it.
Excellent. Thanks for letting us know how it turned out. This is an unfortunate downside to the business. Those of us who do a lot of shops must keep meticulous records and are sometimes forced to track down payments.
It pays to keep meticulous records of your work and know how much is owed to you. On another thread, a mystery shopper was double-paid for an assignment. She identified the overpayment, contacted the MSC, and refunded it to,them. On this thread, the mystery shopping company had an oversight and missed paying the contractor for a portion of what he was owed, although they paid him when he identified the shortage.

Companies make mistakes, too. Sometimes the mistake might be to pay a contractor too much. Sometimes it might be to pay the contractor too little. Hopefully, the contractor knows how much money he should be paid and is monitoring it.
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