This is at A travel center.Guidelines state its a fast food you make the first purchase inside at the counter and you have to make a second purchase at the drive thru. This travel center has two fast food companies at the travel center. The one you are suppose to shop does not have a drive thru. The guidelines say you have to make two purchases. Do you just complete the dine in part or do you shop two different companies.. The guidelines instructions are not clear .I am planning on doing the job on the weekend.

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Did you email your scheduler? I know sometimes they are not quick to respond, but I have never done this shop before so don't know. Are there any "NA" answers for the drive thru portion on the questionnaire? I would suggest that if you don't hear back from your scheduler and there are indeed "NA" answers for that part of the guidelines, then you do that and then explain in the comments that there is no drive thru at this location.
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