Intelli-shop Baseball game shops

Wondering what people think of the Intelli-shop baseball game shops? I have completed several for Service Scouts, they are quite involved and I only do if I truly want to see the game. Intelli-shop requires $100 down payment which is concerning. Wondering if I can get the bulk of the shop done prior to the game so I can sit down and enjoy it?

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They are a decent amount of work. No you can't get most things done before the game and then sit back & watch , just too many interactions..... I usually get to see about half the game.

Servimer Regional Manager- Nevada, Illinois, Wisconsin & Minnesota

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I've done the service scouts shops and if you get there 30-45 minutes before the shop, you can watch nearly the entire game. They are typically looking for parking, will call, ticket taker, usher, concessions, and sometimes a retail store. Those can all be done before the game even starts. At some point you go to the bathroom between innings.
I've done several Service Scouts basketball shops, yet never the baseball ones. I've only done one baseball game for Intelli-shop that happened to be of the video variety, and it was actually quite a bit of fun! The only negative thing that I had about that shop was that it was 104 degrees for a day game, and the home team took the game into extra innings. 14 innings, in fact. Talk about exhausting.

Nonetheless, I was paid within 30 days by Intelli-shop. I've also done their MLB phone shops, which was fun as well. One thrill for me was actually sitting in the seat that the sales team attempted to sell me for a popular west coast team a few months later.
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