SeeLevelHX (Beyond Hello) Login Issue ... anyone else notice this problem??

I am signed up with about 80 Sassie companies, and have NO issue with this particular login issue with ANY other Sassie company EXCEPT SeeLevelHX. It started about a week ago.....whenever I fill out my login info, I get the following message:

The information you have entered on this page will be sent over an insecure connection and could be read by a third party.
Are you sure you want to send this information?

Is anyone else seeing this??? I've tried logging in not only from my bookmark, but also from the link on this forum, as well as googling SeeLevelHX and logging in from there.....same issue, same message. Happens ONLY with this company and NO OTHER SASSIE companies.....any ideas why????? TIA!!!

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I've completed several SeeLevel reports this past week, most recently 3 on Sunday, and i haven't seen that message yet. Do you get it every time you log in?
I have also seen this warning. It is a recent occurrence, even though the url shows it is a secured connection. No clue what has prompted this. I get it only when using Firefox, not with other browsers.
@AustinMom, Yup, get it every time...don't know why!

@Mert, Interesting....I just tried on Opera and NO PROBLEMS!! Maybe I need to update my's 47.0.1, and I see a note that there is Version 48 available. So we'll see! Thanks for the tip!
I just checked and my installation of Firefox says it is up to date. It is version 48.0

I have not gotten the message the OP saw with any version of Firefox. It is possible for the user to change settings in Firefox. My advice is to just not worry about it.

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@guysmom wrote:

@AustinMom, Yup, get it every time...don't know why!

@Mert, Interesting....
I have the latest Firefox and have been seeing the same warning on SeeLevel only for at least three weeks now. Maybe someone at SeeLevel will note the post.

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I'm still seeing the security warning message, too. I can login fine, but the message is still there.
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