Anyone heard of New Image Marketing?

I just got an email announcing and upcoming project but I never registered with them so I'm checking them out.

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Great company to work for. I have never had an issue and they pay quickly. I do a couple of shops every month for them.
They are indeed a legitimate company. If I recall correctly they are on one of the composite boards of small companies that share information. If the job is of interest, follow the links and chances are they will have you register with New Image at that time.
I did quite a few gas stations/ reveal merch type audits/mystery shops for them but those dried up.
I do as much work as I can for this company. The scheduler I work with is Deana, and she is simply great. They pay quickly.

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Love them, fast pay that's always on time. Have never been contacted by an editor. Wish they had more work in my area.

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I've done 10 shops for them this month. Tomorrow is payday. As long as that goes through, it was an easy company to work for. I was recruited the same way you were. An email. Everything I've read has been positive.
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