Intelli-Shop Job Board...

Has anyone else had problems over the last month with the board giving error codes? Right now I'm trying to apply for a job and it comes back with "Bad Gateway"... Earlier this month it kept saying something about memory issues or something... I'd think it was my computer except it happens at work and on my phone as well...

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Me too Jtack. I have had great luck. They've paid out on all of my shops, even giving credit for closed store locations. I've received 9 or 10 on all reports, and although they can be difficult to reach, if you persist or use eye catching subject lines... it can be done!

Never had a problem with Intellishop. They don't pay well at all and I don't go out of my way to check their portal. I choose jobs that in the same area as other scheduled shops.
Are you up to date on your browsers? I find Chrome works best for me and Firefox and IE are slow and cause issues while others swear by them.
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