URGENT! Intellishop confusing question on oil change shop!

Reviewing the shop report for this, there are the typical entries for time arrived, time left, how much spent, upload the receipt, etc. Then a question if the location had a dedicated quick lube/express lane. And then...

Nest question says "Service advisors(s)?"

This isn't a yes or no question, it requires a written answer.

I have NO CLUE what this is asking for. I did email the scheduler, but no reply and I'm scheduled to do this shop 3 hours from now.

Does anyone know what they want here? Very reluctant now to risk taking this shop with this kind of sloppy/ambiguous/baffling report question, since this is a reimbursement shop that I can't afford to get stiffed on.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Mr. Moose

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It's been a almost a year since I last did this shop, but if my memory serves correctly, they're asking for name(s) and description of the service advisor who helped you.
At least, that's what I put there and my shop was approved and paid with no problem.
While that's funny, it's not a good idea. You should add to your post that you are joking so that no one takes you seriously.
Thanks, all. Yes, it turned out that what they were asking for was the full name and a complete physical description of the service employee who assisted me.

The question should have said: "Name and description of the employee (service adviser) who assisted you". Not just... "service advisers(?)".

It's a shame that some MSC can't be bothered to write their reports with clear indicators of what information they are looking for on some questions. yet they expect us to read their minds and magically know what they want.
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