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If you do a shop regarding insurance options for senior citizens be aware that in Texas you may want to be careful that the shop is actually informal if held at a hotel, or civic center . Informal was described as a kiosk. I had an experience where I had to stay 1 hour, view a video and listen to an agent who had seats set up for at least 20 people. They wanted to pay $21 and it should have been $34 which they changed it to. However they have the same shop back at $21!!! This is not a kiosk presentation. There's more to the story. Message me privately if you want to know shoppers . By the way, I have done 5 of these but this one hospital insurance shop is a problem .

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I just went to the conference fair one like that, it had a half dozen meeting rooms. I sat in the room for the hour presentation and it was definitely a formal meeting. They tried to reduce my pay from $34 to $17. Then their Editor tried to change the first section questions to informal and deleted all my narratives about the presentation I sat through. Wrong! I just called them on it.

I used their help desk internal email and then called extension 505. The support rep checked with his supervisor and they say they will be issuing me the additional $17 in the next pay period. So give it a try. I had reported earlier that month that every other assignment had a different agent then what they listed as a target. They said they were aware that the project was not going smoothly, but that they had no control over who showed up and to just evaluate whomever does the presentation. They said to me to just be sure not to shop the same person twice and they have rules to compensate for that difficulty for driving all the way there.

I explained that a conference center with several meeting rooms was way more exposure to our anonymity than going to one meeting room. I had gone early and spent time looking at materials (business cards) on chairs to see if I could locate the target agent, plus I cruised the booths and I went into each meeting room. Luckily there were nearly a hundred participants and it was easier to blend in. But I was there about 2 hours and no sign of the target agent. I suggested they describe this event as a healthcare fair and they may need to increase the pay for this location/event in the future. That in no way was this location a 20-30 minute "informal" shop, regardless of having several booths. I followed the instructions and went to the (Client) closed door meeting. It had DVD/Slideshow formal presentation and that was at least an hour. And I gave it my all to try to shop their target, I had all the collateral. I was a little miffed that I was being put at risk so early in the healthcare season because I did not want other agents seeing me there. Luckily, I just drastically changed my hair color now and hope that sometimes fairs can be a blur to the agent.
I've been doing their compliance calls and had a shop rejected (my fault) because I made my call during the wrong time frame. It appears that this year some of the clients are asking for calls to be done at odd times rather than the usual all day time frames. My call was to be made between 8 and 11 am and I made it at 4 in the afternoon. I should have caught that but didn't so can't blame the Source.
Oops that shop at the civic center is still informal at $21. My mistake. What a joke took 1 hr and they say it 15 minutes!! Is that deceptive or am I wrong? Now I am being told I am not professional by Jessica because i pointed out issues and they wont admit it. What a joke!
I only do TS Formal Shops and they always pay $34. smiling smiley Pretty easy work for less than an hour most times....
I just did a $58 shop for another company that was a one on one senior medical insurance. Trend Source Oct 26 sent me a request to do a formal shop for the senior medical insurance for $21!! Should have been $34. Now Nov 7 at the same location that I shopped and it was 1 hr at least 20 seats with the same agent they have the same shop at $21. Wonder if the agent will do the same presentation and shopper get screwed by Trend Source? Not far from me....hum?

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As a side note i believe Ms Moland blocked me from doing anymore of these shops. Too bad when Trend Source cant admit their own mistakes. She wanted to talk via phone. I said no, in writing would be the way to go. I got paid, but she has still kept the block the other person put on. No problem, I have done 5 of these and am sick of them . I actually have gotten ratings of 10 on many difficult shops and even a thank you. Not from Trend Source!! Maybe someone needs to shop them.?!lol

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