I went to college. I'm not dumb. But I have a really, really hard time logging into Albatross, which I just recently signed up for. I'm alone in my failures or have other people struggled with their website?

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Don't feel inadequate. I have a Phd in Economics and an MBA from Stanford. I am not sure the Einsteins who design some of these 'difficult' sites are capable of the "user-friendly" approach!!!
I think I've tried too many times and have been blocked from attempting anymore. I keep meaning to ask them reset my password but haven't gotten around to it. You are not alone.
Use their direct link which does not require to enter username and password to login.
My issue with their site is not logging in. That I can do just fine. I can even find the jobs in my area now. What eludes me is what the jobs are all about. All I can see are a few words that sometimes give me a clue like Watch in the title of the shop. I can find out how many questions there are. I also can see the fee but not the reimbursement. I have not applied for one shop for them because I am totally in the dark as to what needs to be shopped, where it is and whether there are narratives or not.
I agree @sandyf
Some of the shops have $0 for fee and no amount listed for reimbursement, so I'm always baffled by that!

I have done a few shops for them, I think all were emails or calls from the scheduler.
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