Intelli-Shop Mystery Shop

I have done a number of these shops through Intelli-Shop and of the almost dozen I had one problem with their phone system (you need to call the facility in advance using some sort of phone monitor system). The last time this happened I emailed them and they said not to worry. This time I was in a hurry, the thing didn't work again and I just went ahead and did the assignment. It took me over an hour (not to mention the travel time to get there) and then the write up which took almost an hour. Anyway, they wrote me a day later saying the report was REJECTED because I didn't inform them of the phone system which isn't true. If I can be of any help here, make sure you do that call and if it doesn't work contact Intelli-Shop right away.

Mod note: Subject heading changed and name of shop deleted to conform to Forum guidelines of not revealing the clients of mystery shopping companies. Naming a client is probably also a violation of your ICA

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It is interesting that some companies have given me nothing but nice comments, while some others apparently think that I am illiterate. In any case, I now even make sure that I am wearing the correct pair of socks before I embark on any part of an assignment. Ha ha & ha.
OP, I would suggest doing a search on Intellishop in this forum. And then head to the Kudos section to see which companies and schedulers value their shoppers.

Now scheduling travel shops for the day after Christmas through mid-January.
I've had similar issues with IS. One scheduler says one thing and the other says something else....and at the end of the day I assignment gets rejected because I was given incorrect information. I also find their phone system incredibly annoying. Most of the time you cannot reach a scheduler directly (unless they are smart enough to give you their cel phone number), you are forced to leaving them email when 90% if the time never call you back...then when you are told "please hold for the scheduler on duty" you are on hold until the voicemail kicks in (which is often) or a scheduler who is totally unable to assist you.
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