quick KSS intl question

I had a few shops scheduled through KSS. I went through the actual MSC website to fill out the reports. Should I have gone through KSS website to complete the reports? The MSC is showing the shops as being completed but KSS is showing them as incomplete. Does it even matter which site I use to get to the report? This may be a silly question, if so please accept my apologies in advance!

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You were correct to complete the report on the MSC's website, but there is also a short "report" that you enter on the KSS site. It requires the date only, and it tells the scheduler that you completed the assignment. You should go to both sites and complete the information.
KSS is the scheduling company for several MSCs. I didn't know that shoppers had to complete a report on their site as well.

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KSS is hoping you enter their site first to complete the report. The report form is mostly bright colors and big text reminding you to go to the client website to fill out the report. It gives you a link to the client website.
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