Getting in touch with Confero

I've been trying to get in touch with Confero about rescheduling a (self-assigned) shop date. I originally had the shop scheduled for yesterday but realized the date broke one of the guidelines so I am making an attempt to reschedule it for a different day.

I sent them an email yesterday via the shopper contact form/help link on the shop log page, and still haven't heard back from them over 24 business hours later. I've called them and all of my calls went to voicemail. I messaged their Facebook page and the page "saw" the message but did not respond.

Is there a better way to get in contact with them? Am I being too impatient, or is there a particular scheduler I should email? I'm not sure who the scheduler is for the project I'm working on.

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I have been trying to get in touch with Confero since 2009! Completely true. My shopper log has loads of out of state shops I did not perform which I wanted them to delete from my account.
Luckily they did seem to get my message, and rescheduled the shop. I never did get a reply, though.
Hmm, I received an email from Angela at Summit about Confero shops. I've read this, and other threads, and I'm thinking I don't want to take a chance with them. Maybe in the Spring.
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