Reality Check and their picky feedback

I am getting tired of Reality check and their picky, picky feedback. You can tell when you get a different editor/evaluator. I have had probably 8 assignments there now. I think 4 of them received feedback of just "thank you" or "excellent job." Those of course are rated 10. Now I have had 3 that are just rated 7 and 8. Oh, my goodness. You would think I was a little kid the way they almost scold me for this and that nitpicky little thing. I referred to the "bakery attendant" but not by name in the narrative, even though I had her name in the proper part of the evaluation, plus a few other horrible earth-shaking mistakes. Do you think some editors/evaluators just live to find the tiniest mistakes to make themselves feel good? I also don't like that you have to get names plus full descriptions on top of that for employees, and for my one assignment two days ago, I was supposed to get names of 22 employees in different departments.

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I have only done four jobs for them. I got 10's. In fact, the feedback I got was very personally fitted to what I wrote, and the job I did for them. I did them through a scheduling firm. I was told by the scheduler that they are "very picky." I don't know anything more than that, but I know I got paid on time per their ICA. It was not fast pay, but it was ON TIME pay, so I would work for them again.

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Never had a problem with them and like Dee, the only shops I've done have been through a scheduler and I've got 10 on both. I never see anything on their boards but I'd work for them again in a second. The 90 day wait on pay doesn't thrill me, but they pay well and on time.
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