Anyone else in the USA receiving Japanese-language emails from Bare?

Lately I've received a couple of emails from Bare that were in Japanese. Since I live in the USA and don't know the Japanese language, I found this strange. Even more strange is that the body of the email appears to be addressing someone whose first name is a Western name but not mine. I don't know if it's a computer issue on their end or if it's a phishing/scam thing or if someone has hacked into their system. I just received another one of these today, so I turned off email notifications in my account and sent a copy of the email to them via their contact system.

Has anyone else had this experience?

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Yeah, I got them as well but I thought it was Chinese, LOL. I wouldn't know the difference. I just deleted them.
I think it is Chinese and I just delete them without opening them. Their system probably got hacked and since it is a long holiday weekend, they probably won't know about it or be able to fix it until Tuesday.

FYI: A lot of companies/offices are closed tomorrow, Monday since New Years Day fell on a Sunday.
Yep, stock markets, banks, and post offices closed tomorrow. I really wish they weren't, I have 9 P.O. shops to do this week and the weather tomorrow is going to be in the high 50s. Wednesday the high is like 28 or something. UGH.
I don't understand why but the majority of my gas station shops can not be started until Tuesday, January 3rd. I find that very strange since gas stations are almost always open even on holidays.
Maybe they know the stores will be super busy with kids out of school and people off work?
They send one out in Chinese almost every year in error. I had my son read it to me. It was for a cell phone shop, SASSIE format. It's Mandarin. He can't read Cantonese.
Mine was in Korean. It was for a phone (wireless) shop. I know this because the English translation was in the email when I opened it smiling smiley

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I got it also.

For some reason, BARE emails go to my trash. I have them on my safe list and I have their emails in my contacts. For some reason this one came to my Inbox.

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Early this morning I received a reply to the email I sent yesterday. It was from Jason Bare, thanking me for bringing the issue to their attention and informing me that they have fixed the problem. Sounds good to me.
YES!! I've gotten a few of them in the past week or so....I didn't even open them up because I thought they might be hacked and filled with all sorts of nasty things that would make my computer sick! Just being over cautious, I suppose. But I just deleted them without opening them. Interesting to see that it seems to be a larger problem than just me!
Wow, guysmom, I feel gullible. Surely your instinct on this is always the best one. Not overly cautious at all, I think you are wise!
I join the club but back to the normal english ones now

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I had assumed they were sent in different languages on purpose so that anyone who could read it might take the shops and perform them in that language.

They were not addressed to Catherine; they were from Catherine. They were not in either Japanese or any of the various Chinese languages but rather in Korean -- the alphabets have wholly different characters and the languages are easy to tell apart even if one doesn't speak them.
yes I finally responded to let them know what was happening and all of the sudden it stopped.
I received one as well. I checked the email and figured it seemed legit. I know there are some Mandarin shops in my area so I just ignored it. I once received an email from them in my spam box from a scheduler I'd never heard of. I reported it thinking it might be a scam and their response was very dismissive. I didn't bother to say anything about this one.
I am in Canada and I did received it also. I asked my neighbor to translate it for me because she speaks Chinese and she just told me to delete it and if I do received more to delete them also.
Okay, good to know I'm not the only one receiving the Chinese emails from Bare. I thought they were looking for Chinese-speaking shoppers and they sent the emails to me since I'm Asian, lol
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