Dimitri at Trendsource

Hi, do you know if Dimitri still works at Trendsource or work with the grocery programs?
I was banned by him for doing shop and wondering if I can re-apply with other associate. I think the reason of banning me was not clear.

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How long ago were you banned?

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Trend Source has gotten new Schedulers and help, so things change and so will Schedulers. Apply for a job and see what happens would be my suggestion.

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I don't know who Dimitri is, if he's a scheduler or project manager/company employee. My scheduler, who was a sweetheart and I would do shops for her that were not as profitable, is no longer my scheduler. She'd be like "I know our maps are off and this is farther, but I can add $x pad and I have a competitor shop that is close by that I can throw in."

Now, I get calls and texts from a female billy goat gruff. I thought it would be very hard for me not to answer someones text or call, now I know that it's not so hard after all. I'm pretty sure you can tell by my past history that I take every single shop that I can on the board. I mean, if it's no big deal to you, and you're going to be all blase about it, that I said no the first time you offer me the shop that is an hour away from me without any pad at all, why are you calling me then?
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