Bounced check from Sinclair!

This is a first for me.. I received a check from Sinclair at the end of last week, and my bank just informed me that it didn't clear and was sent back. Has anyone else had this happen? I am going to call Sinclair today to try and get it resolved. I hope they plan on paying the bank fees that I incurred from this!

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I've never had a bounced check from Sinclair before, but one time the envelope did not have enough (or possibly any) postage on it and my son, who was the only one home at the time of postal delivery, was required to pay the "postage due" before the check would be left. I called to get my 39 cents (or however much it was) back, because I didn't feel like I should "eat" that cost. I received a check in the mail for the amount owed within a couple weeks. The person I spoke with said they used a third party payment center and it was this third party that neglected to put the correct amount of postage on the envelope. My complaint was resolved fairly quickly, but I really did not like the implication that I should just eat the cost of the error since it was not due to any fault of my own.
I have spoken to the Account Manager and she assured me that this has never happened so was quite surprised. It is looking like it may be an error on one of the banks part. She is looking into it. I will keep you all posted but at this point I am pretty sure that we don't have to worry about Sinclair smiling smiley
Best to always first contact the MSC and give them a couple of days to fix things

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I was so upset when I saw the negative charges in my bank account, that I jumped the gun and ran to look here on the forum to see if anyone else was having this same issue. When I didn't see anything, I posted before thinking..... I really should have contacted the MSC first before saying anything negative about them. That is why I wanted to post as quickly as possible when I found out it may have been a bank error. By the way, I received an email from them today. They are re-issuing the check and talking to my bank to explain what happened so that they will reverse the returned check fee of $12- Hopefully that fixes it. I am still not too sure what the exact problem was.
@isaiah58 wrote:

Best to always first contact the MSC and give them a couple of days to fix things
Some nasty companies long ago were burning everyone, Sinclair is not one of them! Sinclair has been good to me, they will fix this problem. Thank you for bringing this topic up, in the past some of us got burned a few hundred bucks from a long dead company!
Sinclair is a very good company. Never had an issue with them. Mistakes happen. I recently received an e-mail from a MSC warning me that the check they sent was going to bounce because it was issued from a bank they don't use anymore. They immediately issued a new one and paid for the return charge fee.
OP, thank you for following up. Many posters sort of "jump the gun" when panicked and then never admit that perhaps they were hasty in posting before contacting the MSC. You promptly let us know what you found out and that is what counts in the longer run. I am glad that some forum members were quick to empathize with your distress. We are all in this together.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
I do not think this is the first for them to have that happened..... seems like it happened many years ago too
Here are my notes on the company, but I just slapped it down without references. sad smiley Hope they are all past this stuff by now! OP, how did it all turn out?

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Not OP but other than last month's check being late, I have always been paid, been paid bonuses and been paid on time. In fact, this month (to make up for last month's error), the checks have already been cut. Definitely easy reports, tho! One of my most dependable companies.
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