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Anyone know how to tell when someone can be eligible to be 'in-rotation' for shops on TS? I keep having an office supply shop come up, but Everytime I request the shop I get instantly notified that it would be a rotation violation. I've looked around but can't tell it I'm only allowed to do this shop once a year or what the duration is. Anyone else know how to find this out?

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The rotation is every other trip as far as I can tell on those types of shops. It seems the office supply are every other trip, and the grocery are 2 out of 3 trips. Or at least that seems to be the rotation in my area. I did an office shop about 3 weeks ago, tried again this week and I'm in violation. If no one picks it up, or it sits, etc. you'll still be in violation. That being said, you can always write to them and see if they can break the rotation if it sits too long.

I have no rotation on their grocery shops...I do the same ones over and over week in and week out. I believe (at lest here) first come, first serve.....they seem to like using the people they trust over and over. Business verifications go quickly here and i think they use the same for those jobs as well.

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