According to Intellishop, I live within 20 miles of Guadalejara

I never knew Guadalejara was so close to Kentucky. Anyone else getting this when you enter 10 miles within a zip code?

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It's a known issue on primarily that platform. Just enter your State to fix it. It won't save the change, have to do it every time.

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A similar thing happened to me on SeeLevel (Beyond Hello). Must be a Sassie issue.

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Funny, I just got an email to do a job in CT (no travel time), I'm in CA....major waste of time.

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I asked and was told, if your on their list (for instance) to do hotels, everyone on that list gets an email, distance doesn't matter. I asked if they would pay for me to fly to CT, and was told (of course), no, just for the hotel and expenses. They figure we're always traveling, so they take the chance you'll be there anyway....

Live consciously....
I spend the winters down at the beach and Marketforce keeps calling me about shops that are 120 miles away. Yeah, I'm going to do a fast food shop for $10 with a 240 mile round trip! So it's also an issue sometimes with Marketforce.
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