Intelli-shop restroom checks

I recently completely a shop for Intelli that included a restroom check. I've done this shop before and seem to recall that they required the usual RR observations--clean and stocked. Maybe I missed it previously, but this time the guidelines required checking the lock on every stall door. Yuck! I hate spending a minute of time in a public restroom and now I have to enter each stall? I will admit, I was annoyed to see that requirement. When I did the shop, all the stalls but one were in use, so those locks were working, and I only had to check the one available stall.

Has this always been a requirement and I glossed over it? I don't recall seeing this in any other guidelines. This retail outlet is shopped by other MSCs and Intelli pays $4 more than the others, but it requires more reporting... and now this. This just might be a deal breaker for me.

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Let's put it this way----->Despite the fact, you dislike the fact of using a public restroom-------->in a dire emergency and you HAD to use the restroom, would you prefer the door have a lock or do you want an unlock door.confused smileyconfused smiley Just saying. When your drawers are down, whom do you want seeing you? smileys with beer (the Man, the Woman, or the Pervert)

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I had some red wine last night. My dreams were very vivid.

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winemaker, I usually go for cabs or malbecs, but I bought a zin after a tasting. It had a full bodied nose, and a very nice finish. I was impressed (obviously).

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
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