Trendsource becoming aggressive in flagging issues

Is it just me or is Trendsource becoming a lot more of a hassle to deal with in terms of what they flag as issues as of late? There are things I have put into my reports that I feel have been crystal clear, yet they seem to be flagging just about everything, and have even done so twice recently, just to double check with me and have me re-enforce what I already stated in my reports.

I have noticed this a lot more as of late with them, and it's just frustrating because their shops pay low enough as it is, and now this creates even more work and can even delay payments if done near a close of pay period.

To be fair, it does seem to occur from one ink and printer manufacturer client more than anyone else, as they may be one of those high-maintenance clients, however if this is becoming a trend (no pun intended) I will be more inclined not to accept those shops in the future.

I have no issue if there is a legitimate flag and a question about something in the report, but if we are getting to the point where we are having reports flagged just for the sake of flagging them, it gets rather monotonous and time-consuming.

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I do the vendor shops for them all the time and I never get questions about it. I get questions about the prices on the price audits at groceries. "This price is out of range for this item." Of COURSE it is. This is Hawaii. Everything costs an exorbitant amount. :-)

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I have only returned to working with them in the past 6 months or so and have had only two 'issue' flags. One required restatement more precisely of a visit that could not be performed. The other I left out a section because I thought a previous answer meant I skipped that section. Duh. I did not find either request noxious but a reflection that I really had not provided the precision they needed. I am doing mostly Business Verifications for them and have found them pleasant enough to work with. Unfortunately or fortunately I seem to create more issues for them than they do for me as places don't return phone calls, aren't ready for visits or the information from the client is wrong (and no way of knowing whether the business gave it to the client wrong or the client gave it to Trendsource wrong or Trendsource mistyped the thing).
I went through a period a while back where I was so irritated by their"issues" I blamed it on training an new editor. After about a month of getting all sorts of questions, I have not had any in several months.
Had my first flag, and the irony is that they weren't clear about what they wanted ME to be clear about! That, coupled with the fact that I got an email about the shop, thanking me for my excellent comments.

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Sometimes I get an email from them about an urgent issue I need to log in and clear, and it is the same issue I saw the day before that says they need to do something on their end, and the shopper needs to do nothing (but wait.) THAT always pisses me off. I logged in once, and saw there was nothing for me to do. Now I log in for the "urgent" matter, and still nothing for action on my end. I always write back to say that I do not understand why I received such a message when they have nothing they want from me. Occasionally, depending on the program manager, I actually get apology emails. :-)

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~Gilbert K. Chesterton

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