Intelli-Shop Financial Shops

Has anyone done the $20.00 financial shop where you present a scenario wanting to see if the clerk breaks the rules? I have done six, but only been paid for two. The scheduler told me you have to be coached every time you are assigned a different scenario. Then she said you have to me coached every time. On a coaching call she said she would not sign up for more than two per coaching. I had two scheduled for the same scenario, but the notes on the second shop ask if I was coached. I answered the email in the affirmative. I forwarded the email to the scheduler saying I was coached and her response was, “You have to be coached every time.”
I have had a good relationship with this scheduler, but this is wearing thin. On the last coaching call she did not tell another shopper this, but indicated the opposite. I verified at the end of the call that I was good to go for the two shops, but again not being paid for the second.

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