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You have to pass a certification course for most everything on this site. It is also a cumbersome and hard to maneuver site imo. But here is the question. There is a large grocery chain which requires several modules of tests to be completed. There is one exam question which seemingly doesn't have a correct answer. Several people have posted on the SI forums concerning this but there has been no response from the site owners. Nor has there been any replies to help inquires. Since they have many available shops for this chain I can't imagine no one has qualified. Anyone have have any ideas?

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It has been a while since I have needed to do a cert for them, but it seems to me they tell you which answer you got wrong so it is "guess again" time.

It is not unheard of for the software on quizzes from anybody to have wrong answers being the "correct" one. More frequently, however, in our haste we quickly read "Which of the following should you not do when you arrive?" Of course the first and second activities you ARE to do are answer options, but the question requires closer reading to see what you are NOT to do. If I had a buck for each time I've fallen in that trap the eventual payment for the shop might be worthwhile smiling smiley

And if you are talking about the big chain in FL, GA and some locations in other southern states, there are a whole heck of a lot of people qualified. The chain has about 1020 locations in the SE and when a round of shops is posted, probably 90-95% of them are taken within the first 20 minutes. Considering the time frames during which the shops can be performed, shoppers can generally manage 4-5 in one time frame round, 9-12 in another time frame round and 12-15 in the third time frame round. Only one time frame posts at a time so obviously there are a ton of shoppers out there.
I'm not certain how specific we should be on these forums and being new I don't want to violate any protocol. I have tried every combination I can think of to answer this question and you are correct that it refers you back to the section you should review. I will happy to refer anyone to the specific module in question to see if they can get it.
There is also the last resort and that is to contact them to request assistance with the particular section. Generally this would be through their "Info Center". Tell them what module it is and what answers you have entered, i.e. 1) c; 2) b; 3) a etc. Ask them which question it is that you have wrong, if you can't figure out which one it is from their hint about what to review.
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