Insula Research-Anybody works or know anyone who works for them?

Do anyone know about this company.Has anyone worked for this company.I need to know because I have signed up to do a whole bunch of audit shops for them.Please let me know.Thank you

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I know of folks who work with them and are pleased enough with the audits. They have different methodologies for working with the amount of data to be collected. One was mentioning taking a photo of the menu board to be able to do all the data entry at home from the pictures. Not quite sure how they pull that off. I have not taken these jobs because the eyesight is not wonderful enough to read the menu board to take notes from a table close to the order area.

I have heard no complaints about late or short payments or excessive pickiness.
I have done lots of jobs for them and am happy to do some more. They pay promptly and any queries have been answered quickly. I have found it easy to get to speak with the scheduler in my area.
I have worked for them and love them! They pay promptly and always there for questions. Wish they would have more shops for me.
Just did phone shops for them--best I've ever done for both the actual shop and the report. My interaction with their staff have also been great. Some online issues but they do have an 800 number.
One of the better companies........they communicate real well with you. I have done audits for them.

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