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Depends on the client I would say. Some are very easy and some involve more detail and narratives. Try one out and judge for yourself. In my opinion, they do have some of the tougher editors, but if you submit a quality product, you can expect fair treatment all around.

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They have some grocery shops in my area that are a bit intensive. But the worst part is that no matter HOW I TRY to do my very, very best in writing up my report, I NEVER get better than an 8. However, that being said, I always get paid, so I live with the 8.
I usually get scores of 8, with no feedback, but as long as I get paid I don't care. I rarely do assignments for them. The only ones in my area are restaurants. One is a wing place that reimburses up to $30, but given the amount of items you must order plus tipping, it's difficult to stay within $30. Another restaurant is a TGIF type of place that reimburses you $15. Even ordering an appetizer and a glass of water costs about $15 after tipping. Confero is pretty stingy when it comes to reimbursements and fees, IMO.
I have done Coyle fine dining shops and had an easier time with the reports. I used to do a certain grocery store chain and although the shop itself is not difficult no matter how detailed or precise the report was I would get low grades. I typically get about a 95% for Coyle and put the same effort into these reports with scores about 6 or 7.... Combine that with problems like having three departments assigned, guidelines stating you must check out with a different cashier each time and only ONE cashier line open (numerous self check lines open).... I gave up on these.

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Hmmm, just checked my scores and I have gotten 9's on all 8 of the shops I did for them! None of them were grocery shops though.
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