UPDATE: I still never received any type of response from anyone but my materials showed up today in a plain white envelope just like a letter would. Just two postage stamps on it with 10 gas cards for 10 locations. I don't expect to give more than a couple out, so I'm okay with the amount of cards. It's rural here so not much traffic and people don't want to slap stickers all over their SUV's and Trucks, etc. but this envelope is just a basic white envelope with nothing else going on other than addresses. I didn't receive a vest, I didn't get a hat, nada. There is zero tracking information, but you bet I'll ship it back WITH TRACKING.

No vest though, bummer. Guess I'll borrow one of the honey's old vests from gas-line work so no one runs over me out there tongue sticking out smiley And last year, the vest nearly swallowed me. at 5'7" or 5'8" ish, 135, the XXL vest was none too flattering and I tied a knot in the back before switching it out for one of my own last time. I'm glad the materials finally came, and glad of the work, but was surprised to get a basic envelope in my post office box and no vest or hat. Welp, let's get to making that $$$

PS it's pouring the rain in Kentucky & Virginia where I'll be routing.

I signed up for a route of shops that need to be input by the 17th. I haven't gotten any information about materials being mailed, any items in the mail, no intro email, nada. I did the same style of shops last year without issue, but it's getting close to crunch time and no one has replied yet with tracking or a date of expected delivery. The usual schedulers and help personnel I know are assuring me everything is being sent out but...

I won't be back in the particular area or able to be anywhere near it from the 18th thru the 28th just due to constraints of regular work. Anyone else have a due date coming up but no materials/info yet? I keep getting shop reminders even after using the "Contact Us" option. Bummer too because I got them at $35 each, which is fair for me for what's involved and familiarity. There are 8 shops so I can't crunch them all in a single day either. Figured it was an easy 2 days of work. I'm waiting patiently... sorta... hoping they get here today or tomorrow so I can start performing them and knock them out.


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It's no big surprise. Sorry to hear it, though. Look how long they kept Cettie hanging on...wait, did she even ever get her materials, either?
Bummer. I suppose I can just wait it out and see. I'm scheduled for 8 AM to 6 PM for 10-12 days while we're finishing a project for the agriculture extension office. *checks mail box again*

Yeah, Cettie had posted July 29th that she hadn't gotten her materials and then a few days later wrote that they extended the due date to August 14...I posted in the other thread to see if she ever got her stuff.

I did them a few years ago but waited until the very end of the project (nice bonus) when they no longer had time to send any materials. I just printed out some forms and obtained the person's name who I awarded and they mailed him his card. I had 3 locations that were all near each other in a city about 20 miles from me so it made for a nice day's work. Only 1 person out of all 3 locations had a sticker on his car. To me it seems like shoppers should get extra compensation for having to wait for the materials to come and then package and return stuff at the end of the project. That's time spent you aren't getting paid for.
I did 10-12 last year and spotted one car. The person didn't want to participate or have their photo taken. They were only interested in going into the store and enjoying their dinner with a can of beer. That didn't make the report, but the little gas station had a small restaurant in the back and they let customers buy beer from the coolers and enjoy with their meals so long as they put them in coffee cups winking smiley UPS just stopped by. Got excited thinking maybe they sent our materials 2nd day air... it was a razor I ordered with Swagbucks. *Sits back down to vent*

Yeah, I bet some people have more of a reason to not want their photo taken than that they were only interested in getting a beer, LOL. Maybe they are on a wanted poster somewhere, LOL. Who knows.
I just posted to Cettie's original thread on this forgive me for cross posting. I just received my package. 15 shops to do. Vest only, no hat. Two gas cards between 15 shops. How does that even work? Left a voice mail for the scheduler. Heavy sigh...
I no longer accept assignments where stuff is shipped to me. I have virtually 100% record of failing to get the supplies until after -- long after! -- the project is past due. I've reworked schedules to accommodate them, only to still not have the stuff arrive. Then, when I finally get the materials, I end up sending it back because the assignments only work with route shopping. No way am I driving 300-800 miles for a dozen shops paying $9-$25 each. And no matter what you do, what hoops you jump through, the company NEVER EVER has a record of receiving the materials back, after you e-mail them the UPS tracking 4 or 5 times!

smiling smiley
I heard from the scheduler! She said they ran out of hats. She said more cards are on the way. She will extend if necessary.
Awe, that's kinda a bummer. I was looking forward to getting a hat. I lost my last one fishing sad smiley But if the materials aren't here soon, I suppose I'll have to reschedule if possible. I wonder if they'll work it out. Probably easier to work it out with me for 9-10 days later at $35 than spread them out for $50-$75 to a half dozen other shoppers? IDK. Still, sad about the hat.

Well I'm glad you got your materials. I got an email from my scheduler saying my materials have been mailed to me and I should have them by Friday. Bummer if no hat. I've got my own safety vest so that works. Still confused about the winner's survey forms. Guess I have to print one for each card they give me? Or do I print the 34 pages of material that includes space for 15 winners. Also, where in the shop info before applying for it was the fact that we ALSO have to survey the station and take pictures of that too?
Oh, so things have changed a bit from last year? I was happy with the bonus I got for them last year. This morning I got offers with $30 bonus plus $15 fee for three of them that were within 25 miles of my home, but the neighborhoods they were in were so unsavory I would need much more than that. Someone else snatched them up pretty quickly.
I ended up with 10 of them between $25-$45. I should have continued to wait but was worried I wouldn't get the ones within 10 miles of the house so I pounced early on some. Surprisingly, locations I know hit $75-150 last year were snagged up fast at lower $15 rates this time around.

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