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I was not thrilled. They have a sporting good shop that requires a name no matter what... The employee was allowing a purchase that was not what should happen.... no way was he going to tell me his name. Nor did a phone call after give me a name. Nor did the pic of the guy IN the store with a description help. No name no pay....
the store was the shopper.... they know no tags are used... the asked for something that was not going to happen. Meanwhile they got my free report.
Yikes! This sounds like a company I want to stay well away from. Thanks for the info.
I've done several health insurance shops for them...mostly Medicare Advantage plans. These are high paying and are not difficult. Their reporting system for these shops is archaic...circa 1985, with the error wizard, but not difficult. They have a few purchase and return retail shops in my area, but these appear too, low paying for the hassle.

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I used to work for them alot. They have many upscale retail shops here,and in the day I was doing purchase return's, I liked them. I do limit those shops nowadays, the purchase is quite a bit, however, they are an excellent company. Never a problem with pay, always available....if you don't mind purchase return, (there fee is nice), go for it.

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They have a large variety of shops in my area. In general, I find the pay to be competitive, and in some cases, even more equitable than other companies. I have a low-paying shop coming up, but the reimbursement is good, and it's a place I can find something very usable. They pay on time.
I could not stand the phone call reports that paid well but were not recorded and basiclly expected a legal transcript of the call. It would take 20 minutes on the phone with a yappy decorator and then another 45 to get the report good enough, and then I would get snippy editor comments back. I told the scheduler (who is no longer there) that despite my great relationship with her, I just was NOT INTERESTED in their shops. Still the invites came, and I did not deactivate myself as you never know when someone might get a client that owuld make that PITA worth it to me. Now, new scheduler, desperate emails, tons of Sassie shopper reachouts and other shopper reachouts...and I still am saying no.

It seems in other parts of the contry they offer more interesting shops than they have ever had here.

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They are offering an interesting shop for a $50 fee!
I know it will be time consuming but it looks woth it. I have to buy samples of a product and send them to them, and I get reimbursed for the samples plus my fee. After reading the comments here, I might dive into it. Any comments?
Pat, they don't have that one here, but did get another that sounds interesting and different...kinda like a fair close to the house....wish most of their jobs were not P/R. Their pay is fair for all jobs.

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My experience with this company has been good. I have two shops coming up soon, where no return is required. The P/Rs that I've done take no time at all, that portion of the form is about three y/n questions, and only about three lines of narrative.
Do they pay on time? I have to make a purchase of $200 to be reimbursed. I don't want to wait too long for that.
Is this the same company, where you have to become certified for each client? I am on standby for a haircut shop, if it is.
My experiences with this company have been positive. I have no complaints.

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