how are the trendsource pricing audits?

anyone done these? 50-75 items, and the pay is only $6-$9. fee is horrible, am I wrong? how much could I get away with asking for in PAD?

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also, you only get paid for every item you find which is ridiculous. i would spend longer looking for an item that isn't there, and not get paid for it. 12 cents for every item found.
I have only done a handful of pricing audits, and typically don't pick them up because I hate the Missions app that most companies use now. It is hit or miss as to whether my pictures get uploaded or not. Plus the pay seems to be going down instead of up. A few years back, Trendsource used to have jobs listed with PAD that made it 40-50 cents per item. Now companies are only paying 10-20 cents. Definitely not worth it for me.
Unless this is a radically different audit from the ones that RealityBased has been doing these are a total ripp off. They use Missions to and pay 25-38.
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