How to get in touch with someone at Intelli-Shop

Had a report rejected. Contacted the scheduler with my defense. Never heard back from her. I tried two different emails that were supposed to go to the help desk and support, but both my emails were returned as undeliverable. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with someone?

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I've had this problem with them too. Sorry, I don't know what to suggest. Hopefully someone else does.

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Email the scheduler handling the client you shopped.

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The MSPA lists as its contact for Independent Contractors Ron Welty, (419) 872-5103. If your scheduler does not respond and your help/support emails are undeliverable, contacting Ron might be the best option.
I have also had issues with never getting a response from the schedulers from IS. I have emailed then through the site and from emails directly. Very unprofessional!
I have never had communications issues with Intellishop: I call them on the phone, they answer, and put me through to the person I ask to speak with.
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