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Anyone else done pizza shops for Intellishop? I just did one (have done them many times). This one was excluded. Why? I put in the wrong picture. She emailed, asking for it. I sent it back. She says, " That was the right receipt. But I already gave the shop to someone else."
So now I don't get reimbursed and she has a perfectly good shop, easily within her timeline to use. Do you think she'll still use it? I find this really disreputable.

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I seriously doubt she'll use it. I think when you submitted the wrong picture, she emailed you, but, by the time you submitted the right picture, she had already assigned the shop to someone else and you missed your chance to save the shop. I know you are disappointed and I'm sorry your shop was excluded. We've all made mistakes. As an independent contractor running your own business, Intellishop is your customer. When you make a mistake, you may very well not get paid. The lesson here - and I've learned it by making mistakes - is to check and double-check before submitting shops to be sure everything is right. You know the old carpenter's rule - "Measure twice, cut once." Double and triple check before submitting.
I have to wait until Tuesday to see if I'll be paid for a shop I did with my oldest MSC. It was for a client I'd never done for them and I didn't remember two crucial instructions on the "Read this first" file. Totally my bad. Explained what happened (honestly) when submitting the report. When I got a request for the additional pictures (not any kind of pix I have taken for their other clients in over 100 shops) I cropped and enlarged two images that *might* work, but that 3d photo I just don't have. Too far away to drive to capture a pic for a shop that paid barebones with no bonus. So I'm waiting to see how big my deposit is Tuesday. I certainly won't complain if the shop was rejected.
groach, they get impatient if they have to wait more than a few hours for a correction to a shop, especially near the end of the month with deadlines looming. It pays to check emails frequently after a shop is submitted for followup. Sometimes I will be away from home and check my email on my phone to see that an editor is requesting something for a shop. If it's something that is on my desktop that I don't have at hand, I still email back immediately and let them know I will be home in an hour or two and will get to it right away. We have all done this before, don't feel alone. It's a sucky lesson but it could be worse, it could have been far more costly for a shop with a much higher reimbursement (like fine dining).
Granted, I did make one mistake and it was my fault. It's still frustrating - everyone makes tiny mistakes. Not getting reimbursed when she did ask for me to send over the correct item (which I did within half an hour) is why I am getting pickier with the shops I'll take now. The pay was better ten years ago, but the shops are the same!
I am a little concerned at this point about Intellishop. I had to send 2 emails on 2 different surveys that show received in September and should have been paid by October 25. I just received a reply from them stating the reports were never filled out?
Follow up by me: shops showed submitted and received. However, I did them but was so exhausted I forgot to submit them. Crazy, guess blood pressure was too much.

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