THE SOURCE: No more grocery store shops???

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What..i've been doing them, and was asked to do another....where did you get this info. from?

Live consciously....
Well, not only do they require you to visit the pharmacy now, they want you to search for 3 items in the bakery and a few other departments. (for the store I am referring to) and all this for $ 6 dollars..... in addition to visiting many departments and getting names./descriptions and talking with each department for a scenario for that particular department. All for $6 bucks! You get $9 for groceries. I've stopped doing these. Rarely do they offer a bonus or PAD on these.
Hmmm, they don't have that store where I live, Sunny. I'm doing a natural foods grocery store that doesn't have a pharmacy and pays $19 ($10 fee plus $9 reimbursement). Simple shop that doesn't take long to do.
Sunny, I do a chain of grocery stores for The Source that also requires stopping by the Pharmacy, if they have one (not all locations do). And yes, I have to search for 3 items in the Bakery, Produce, Deli and Frozen Foods section. It took a few extra minutes to get used to doing these extra checks. But now, I'm just as quick to observe them as before the requirement. And many of the locations don't have a Pharmacy. So yes, extra work. They upped the fee from $5.00 to $6.00 when they added these requirements. Not much of a fee addition. But I still do them because there are so many locations in my area, and with rotation requirements, I can still manage about 6-7 each cycle. And no, they sure don't give PAD very often. However, I just did one today that I got a $10 PAD for, since it had to be done by tomorrow, as the new cycle starts next week. So, is it worth it? For many For others, like myself, it has helped tremendously in my grocery much so that because of the fee and reimbursements, over the course of the year, the savings has meant that I will not have to charge anything for Christmas gifts, but will be able to pay cash for everything. So, to each his/her own.

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