HE Brands / Service Sleuth end of month project

Just noticed a project they added for the end of the month. Another potential route filler.

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Be wary of HS' database, especially when you are writing narratives. If you do not save every 30 minutes (some of their reports take 2+ hours!) you will LOSE ALL of your data, and have to start again. You are not warned about this, except for the typical disclaimer in the initial few screens...no warnings to "save' mid report!... You can finish a long report, submit it, and {POOF!) .....no data....a truly frustrating experience.
I applied for two, waiting...have worked for them forever, fair company. Alway's save reports on all sites, some warn, some do not.

Live consciously....
I save every narrative throughout my reports, anything can go wrong and once you have lost all your work, you probably won't forget.
I write longer narratives in Text Edit, then paste the completed narrative into the appropriate field in the online report. Saves the frustration of getting sidetracked and having SASSIE time out.
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