One stop shop "IMYST"

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Since I started and signed up with Imyst, I have received the same shop (10 months), for a carpet cleaner....this shop is their only shop that I know of. Anyone done work for them?

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I have never done it because I am a few miles outside the "service area" of their cleaner. I know a couple of shoppers who have done the shop several times because it works for them. I believe they sometimes have one of the maid service companies and the "invisible fence" folks. Still did't participate here because the maid service was outside the "service area" and got the wrong kind of critters for an "invisible fence".
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Give me the maid service any day.....this is a carpet cleaner and it's a whole day, too much trouble for the $. I just had my carpets cleaned by my neighbor, who has a top of the line business and if any trouble, he's right here. Some of these places (not saying this one), use very mild cleaners, and as soon as thery dry, the dirt shows again...learning so much, heavens.
My carpets could use a good cleaning but it just isn't in the cards. There is a 180 gallon fish tank to be moved as well as furniture, etc. I rent one of those crummy little units from the grocery whenever there is a new grocery that opens with new equipment. Does a fair job, though definitely not good or excellent. At a certain point, though, life is too short to get obsessive about it. Slowly, room by room, I am getting carpet out of my life and going with laminates and tile.
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I know what you mean, my living room is wood floors and I love them. I'm in a tri-level, it was too expensive to put wood on the stairs, but, one day I want to put wood in my 2nd level...especially with the puppy who is slowly destroying my carpets. My neighbor did a fantastic job of cleaning better last, or Missy will be looking for a new home, only kidding.
Sometimes I think it would be easier to revert a few centuries and go back to hard pack dirt floors. We've given ourselves too many products to clean and too many variations in how to do it. Earthen walls to be whitewashed every decade or two and dirt floors struck me as the way to go the other day when I was cleaning useless cleaning products out from under the kitchen sink.
I have done a couple of auto dealership shops for iMyst. I have also seen some new home shops, but not in my area. iMyst is great! The pay is very good and they pay quicker than any other company I know of!
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That's good to know, I wish they had more shops here....maybe they are back East.
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