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Is this company legit? I need current experiences because I keep getting the runaround from these people. I tried to apply for a shop, I needed to take a quiz but I failed it twice. I was told to send them an email to reset it. The instructions give me the address to email ( but the address my email was sent to Dawn wasn't very professional, her only response was "sure" when I asked if she could reset the quiz. After she did, all available shops and other quizzes disappeared. I sent her another email. Her response was "you should see them now". Now that I've passed the quiz I still can't apply for the shop!
The icing on the cake was when Dawn sent a link to her Youtube channel along with a photo from the video.

I've had contact with this company for less than 24 hour and I'm just not convinced they have it together.

If I can't trust them to get a shop assigned to me then I know I can't trust them to pay me.

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I have yet to work for them as they don't tend to offer shops that fit into my niche. However, I've had a couple of good conversations with Dawn and can vouch for her.

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Who is Deana Moore? She seems to be the contact name but not the person who responds.
Deana Moore has always been my scheduler for NIM. She is great to work with. Maybe Dawn has taken over or schedules in your area. I don't know.

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I never had any problems with NIM. They only have one shop in my area. In fact I got paid today for a shop that I did last month. Deana is also my scheduler. She is very good and very professional.

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Dawn has a youtube channel? Isn't Dawn the owner and Deana a scheduler/project mgr? I'm going to look it up. I have schedulers who send texts that say "thx", "no", "sure", "u2". No problem! Wait until she calls with her demanding, aggressive New York take one getting one of her jobs done. Then come back and we'll talk.
Sometimes Deana is the one who is the contact and sometimes it's Dawn in my case. I just assumed they worked as a team. But they are legit. I;ve worked with them for years,never a problem, never a payment problem,
Dawn is awesome! She is an independent scheduler working for NIM and many others. She is not the owner of NIM. She lives in Texas, and she has a YouTube channel.
I was able to get more out of Deana than Dawn. Deana scheduled the shop for me. I don't know if Prophet is having issues or not but I'm glad I was finally able to get someone to make sense over there.

And I would not have cared if she had responded "sure" in a text but to send that in an email and then the rest of the email is about a damn Youtube page about "Centsible Living With Money Mom", it threw me off a little.

But in case you all are curious about her YT channel here it is: []
People aren't machines, except for a few at KSS. As everyone has seen, and should realize / become cognizant of, this industry is made up of people who are actual people and have a variety of connections and channels and reasons for being "here". Because I say it straight, people here have said that I am mean. They're just not connected to themselves and others. Eventually, you'll be ever so grateful for any kind of a personal touch and come to love the fact that these company reps feel comfortable enough to have such casual conversation with you. Learn to study for test so you don't fail them so you have fewer issues.
@spicy1 wrote:

Learn to study for test so you don't fail them so you have fewer issues.

Let me stop you right there. I don't think you're mean because I say it straight as well. I've signed up with dozens of companies and this is the first time I've had to ask for a reset. I was in school for a good portion of my life so I understand how test work. Whether or not I pass or fail was not my concern here. I finally did pass the test and all the shops disappeared. They were not taken, they just disappeared. I kept getting emails about them being available but I didn't see anything on my end. Finally I actually sent an email to Deana was able to get the shop scheduled.

My main concern was an email who didn't go to the person it was suppose to and a whole lot of confusion. But I was able to get the shop scheduled for the time I wanted.
I absolutely understand a main concern was an email who didn't go to the person it was suppose to.
Happens a lot.
They are both schedulers that normally handle different regions (or perhaps clients?). I normally work with Deana and she is spectacular. I have once attempted to work with Dawn and she was nice but less than spectacular. I like them, and the shops they have, I just wish they would let you see all of their shops. Whatever they decide is in "your area" is all you can see and I rarely work in "my area.". I have stopped working for them as I find it too difficult to email back and forth in order to pick up $50 to add to a $2000 route. I highly recommend them otherwise.

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I'm thinking I got off on a bad start with them. Deana may be my go to person when I'm having issues. Prophet also could have been having issues and the cherry on top was I was even asked to do the same shop 4 hours away for the same $10 fee.That part made my laugh.

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