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Hello, I tried to do a shop that asked for screenshots from credit card app. I use SAMSUNG Galaxy S6. Throughout the app it said that it cannot take screenshots due to security policy. I created a dummy image that I uploaded in place of required screenshots. When I try to submit report it says one error still needs to be fixed and to look for OOPS. I see no OOPS in my report. I contacted intellishop to report that I cannot submit my report.

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I have the Note 8, had the Note 5 forever. I just remove the pen and take the screenshot. Can't you just press the volume and up key to get a screenshot or something like that? As far as the oooops, maybe it's the date. Often times, the date shows up but it's just a place holder and you actually have to click on the date, which shows a calendar and you click on the day on the calendar.
On a Samsung phone you need to press the power and down volume keys at the same time and hold them for about 2 seconds to get a screenshot.

If you have a file for the screenshot that would not cause an Oops. On the report that is showing the oops, you can click on "Jump to first oops"
I have gotten around this by using another phone to take a photo of the screen, easy peasy
Using another device is the only way around the blocked screenshot function. Any responses to the query of how to disable this feature on my Lg V30 was too dated and not necessarily trustworthy. I thought the back app shop I tried would be easier. Not worth it.
The guidelines specifically said NOT to take a picture of the screen.The shop was due yesterday. The date was filled in. When I try to jump to OOPS it goes to the end of the report. So far no message from Intellishop. I just tried again to submit the report but it still does the same thing.
Is there a place in the report that asks if you have anything further to add? If there is, put N/A in there. It's the only other thing I can think of, besides the date calendar, that caused an ooops for me.
I used that last place to state that the app would not allow screenshots. I think it is a glitch with Intellishop webpage / report.
For Maritz, there is inevitably a place for a picture where the is no suitable picture. For example, a picture of an app order error. I've uploaded a pic that says that there is no appropriate pic. Well, tomorrow is Monday so hopefully someone will work on it straight away. I know how nerve wracking that is.
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