New Home page for Trendsource.

Anyone like the new page. There is a survey on the site, just wandering what everyone thinks.

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I have used it and didn't notice MUCH difference.

For me, it wasn't easier or more difficult to use.

Wonder why they don't automatically shift everyone to the new site?
They moved to the 'new site' today and so now the tabs are across the top rather than down the side. The 'meat' of the site seems to be the same with just the front page differences. I haven't explored extensively, but I hardly care whether I click on the left side of the screen or across the top and use a drop down. As long as it gets me where I need to be . . .
Wishful thinking, but it would be nice if all shops could be found by radius. As it is, business verifications only show by city/state.
I just completed my first two shops for this company. Do they score evaluations?
Or do they give you any type of grade?
Interesting Mert. In my area I can see the BV by radius with only rare exceptions that seem to be oversight rather than deliberate.

mysteryanj, I'm sure there is an internal score given to work, but you are not told of it. A shop is either rejected, follow up questions are asked or there is silence. Silence is golden. A few days after the shop you can select "Past Assignments" and go to "My Assignment History" where you will note 'Verified', which seems to pair with the shop being accepted.
I do not like the quick view when you sign in. It does not show if a shop is in back up status. You have to go to request assignment and mark the check box to get backups off of the screen.
I just had a near miss with the new homepage. I was confirmed as a backup for a BV and then four hours later I got a warning email that I was the primary and that I had missed my first call window.

Has anybody else had the back up message and then found out later that they were the primary?

I let TS know about my near miss. Do not let it happen to you.
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