DataQuest Approvals?

Anyone have any experience/insight into how dataquest approves? I just got my 2nd hotel audit through them, but each time I've gotten one there were others with the same hotel chain that they did not approve. I'm guessing it's because Im new but I got a 10/10 on my last shop and they still denied an app before approving this latest one. If you do a certain number do they eventually let you self-assign or is it always scheduler approval? Also, they state on their site that schedulers consider those with MSPA certification first, but then they also won't take any that are newer than 2014. Any insight into this and if the certification really matters?

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It's always scheduler approval if I'm not mistaken. At least with me. I've don't probably a dozen shops for them over the last 4 years and I think I've always gotten 10/10 or maybe 9/10. I almost always get a shop if I am only applying for 1, I rarely get all of the shops I apply for if I apply for more than 1, unless they are remote. I've always assumed they get a lot of applications and prefer to spread the shops around to multiple shoppers.

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