Albatross and Parking

So I accepted a last minute shop from Albatross because it was in the same area of another shop I had for Market Force. To my dismay this area charges $10 per hour for parking! Only if you have a store validate your ticket after a purchase does the ticket price drop to $1.50 per hour. Thankfully the other shop with Market Force was a purchase/return and they cover parking fees.

However, now I'm wondering should I mention this to the scheduler. I know that the policy from Albatross is parking fees are covered in the shop fee but, the shop fee for this store was only $25. That means at minimum I would only make $15 for the shop if I make it under an hour.

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It doesn't hurt to try asking. Parking fees are always a challenge for big city shoppers. In Los Angeles I never accept a shop unless I know the area and whether there is parking for free close by. Otherwise I would look for a parking shop to go with it or ask the msc beforehand. The majority of shops have fees way below $25.
Yes parking fees are always a hassle in some areas of Miami, but $10 per hour and it's non valet.... whattt!
I will mention this to the scheduler.
They had a cosmetics shop in my area on a day where I was doing nothing else and I asked for an additional $15. They gave it to me with no argument or attempt at negotiation.
Yes, def ask for a little extra for parking - Albatross is awesome and easy to work with.
And if you do get a bonus or additional flat fee as opposed to reimbursement you can deduct what you paid for parking from your bonus income at the end of the tax year. Keep your receipt either way.
Sandy, Beverly Hills has 2 hours free parking (used to be 3 hrs.), and the big dept. stores there have validation, Santa Monica/Westwood is the most difficult , I remember driving for half an hour and they wouldn't pay for parking...stopped doing those jobs. Doing many pays off, but not for one job.

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Like Irene said. I can definitely confirm that there is 2 hours free parking on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The garage is about half a block from Starbucks. I did 3 shops one day, picked up a coffee, and made it back in time.
There is a garage across the street from Coffee Bean on Beverly Dr...several different garage's within the city, but none I know of right on Rodeo Dr....I didn't say there was one on Rodeo Dr. I park on Beverly Dr, do a report at Coffee Bean, easy. Not that it mattter's, but if your quoting me, it's another story.

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Eric, so are you on Tampa Ave in Los Angeles...i know there is one. I always figured you were in Florida somewhere.
Irene and Eric and other LA shoppers...there is a free 2 hr lot in Westwood on Broxton til 5 PM also I often park at Ralphs on Le Conte where they validate for 2 hours...just go in and get a few groceries you need anyway. I try to go into the store first and walk out a different door as they do have parking lot checkers and after the 2 hrs it is quite expensive with a $50 daily limit. Yes I know about parking in Bev Hills but thanks, it is all the other places which are metered at $2 an hour or more and with restricted parking on every empty street so no one can even park for 10 minutes without getting a ticket.
@Sandy, "Eric in Tampa" is not in L.A., but does routes here now and again. He actually is not where he says he is....yes, Sandy, we L.A. folks know where we can park, of course your living in the center, and I used to live there on Doheny in Beverly Hills.....we could teach the class. Thanks for clarifing.

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